About Us

All about Chubby Chairs!

Chubby Chairs is dedicated to providing its customers with the most comfortable sitting furniture available. We researched the different manufacturers of "foam bags" and "love sacks". After a few trials of different products, we strongly believe that we are carrying the highest quality product at the best prices. 

Chubby Chairs are not only extremely comfortable, but they're stylish and attractive. We use high quality micro suede that will actually add style to your room, rather than being an eyesore, like the old bean bag chairs. Your Chubby Chair will soon become your favorite nap spot, study spot, movie spot, read a book spot, and chill spot. 

Because our furniture is made in the USA, you can feel confident that you are getting the highest quality foam bag chair available. Our foam is 100% consistent, and you won't get junky foam mixed in with the good stuff. Some companies get foam from whatever source is the cheapest, and you get exactly that - CHEAP FOAM. Our foam is soft, fluffy, and guaranteed to be just as good if not better than any other leading brand out there - OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

More About Chubby Chairs (foam bag chairs)
Almost every kid out there grew up with a bean bag chair. Bean bag chairs were great - for the first year or so. Soon the styrofoam circular beads would smoosh and never recover to their original shape. The vinyl covers would crack and poke you when you sat on them. Pretty soon, the floor became more comfortable than your bean bag chair. 

Chubby chairs are a smart investment. Sure they cost more than bean bag chairs, but they will last several lifetimes instead of a fraction of a childhood. When you buy a Chubby Chair, you're buying a quality product that will stay comfortable, and stay together. Take the Chubby Chair Challenge, and buy one of our products. If you're not 100% satisfied, return within 30 days for a full refund.We have yet to have a return!